Nightingale - Mentoring (English)

The young people aged between 8 and 12 years old acquire cultural assets from the wider community, improve their knowledge of German, in this way get to know the town and also learn a number of practical skills such as using public transport, finding their way around town, swimming, cycling, cooking or baking something etc.

The experiences they have together touch both children and students and very often lead to long friendships between the children, their families and their mentors. This programme has many links to education, schooling, learning languages, mobility, children’s rights, access to art and culture, integration, migration etc. and includes numerous chances for development and opportunities both for the young people and for the students who plan to work with children as a profession.

Nightingale is available in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Linz. There are co-operations with the universities and the teacher-training colleges. Some of them have Nightingale as compulsory teaching practice.

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