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Ana und Sergio werden uns von Juni bis Oktober im Büro und in Döbriach unterstützen. Bekomme einen kleinen und feinen Eindruck hier.


Hello everyone who reads my representative text, I am Ana Metreveli from Tbilisi, Georgia. I am 19 years old girl with full of positive energy, feelings and emotions. I am a student of Ilia State University, at Science and Art faculty and my field is Sociology. I already love my future profession because I like communicate with people, meet new faces, discover new characteristics in person and so on.

I am selected for ESC 5 months project in Austria, Vienna. When first time Christina called me and said that I was selected, I was shocked because this project, this city is so close to me. I am more than excited to start my project as soon as it possible. I expect that this experience which I will gain from project helps me to grow and develop my skills for example: my language skill in German.

Now in Georgia, I am studying German and I wanted to improve in in practical way, so I will do this through my ESC. I can’t wait to use my German with children. One more reason what made me to apply for this project was idea and concept of the project.

Currently, I am one of the founders of NGO- Echo of Diversity and we are working on those topics what I mentioned before. So, the project idea directly connects my interests to objectives of project and makes me more curious about start project as soon as possible.


I have just finished my University degree and I saw it necessary to carry out a type of Project like this, it is a great opportunity to finish training you as a person.

I´m a fanatic of the environment, plants, animals, and sports activities in nature (climbing, archery, hiking ...).
I love to travel, meet new cultures and enrich my knowledge. I am a very social person who love meeting new people.

I hope to carry out tasks that make me get out of my comfort zone, learn, and feel fulfilled. I expect to meet new methodologies and learn about your way of entertaining young people, it is a challenge for me to be able to travel to other countries to train and be able to show the type of things to do.

I wish to learn new things that allow me to develop as a person and open my mind to know what I want to do in the future.


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