Social Media – Facebook and Co – Conesquences for the society

Einmaliges Seminarangebot: Social Media – Facebook and Co – Conesquences for the society

Unterstützt von der Europäischen Union veranstalten die Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel von 03.12.2011 – 11.12.2011 ein internationales Seminar zum Thema: „Social Media – Facebook an Co – Consequences for the society.“

Die Arbeitssprache ist Englisch. Deswegen erfolgt nun die genaue Seminarbeschreibung ebenfalls in Englisch:

The topic of the Workshop “Social Media – Facebook and Co – Consequences for the society” will deal with chances and risks of Social Media. Topics of interest are: Social Media in common (different types of Social Media, profiles etc.) appearance and application in Europe and user-profiles. Additionally, forms of Social Media will be compared with traditional forms of media. A critical view at the media-politics in the countries and the consequences for society, especially for socially disadvantaged people, are main points of the discussion in the workshop.

During the workshop we will make an excursion to the head-office of a regional newspaper and to an organisation (“Medienwerkstatt”) which organises media workshops for different kind of people. We plan to invite local journalists and politicians for discussing the role of Social Media in the field of information and politics.

We will work with different kinds of methods (group-work, brainstorming, presentation,..) and we will use the methods of “Geocaching”. This is an alternative form of communication. We will go with GPS and find caches.

Expected outputs:
As a participant you get to know the different kinds of Social Media, learn about the role of them in media-politics and be aware of the risks of Social Media. Furthermore you will make the acquaintance of people from other countries, learn about their culture and improve your English language.

Practical arrangements:
The workshop takes place in the Mühl-fun-viertel in Austria – at the border to Germany and Czech (, Vorderanger 16, 4163 Klaffer. You will be hosted in single rooms at the Mühl-fun-viertel, an education house in Klaffer am Hochficht. Food included breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You are expected to arrange your journey till Linz and to Aigen/Schlägl (via train, bus, flight). From there we continue the journey to Klaffer together. When needed, travel assistance is given. 100% of the cheapest transport costs are refunded!

You should know no more than 1/3 of the participants should originate from the same country.


Fill in the attached application form and send it in a scanned version to: ! If selected you will get a signed application sent back to you!


3.12. arrival day, dinner
4.12. get to know each other, what are social media?
5.12. How to use social media?
6.12. chances and risks of social media
7.12. excursion (agency of newspaper in Linz)
8.12. Democracy and social media
9.12. Media politics and social media
10.12. Evaluation and conclusia
11.12. breakfast and departure


Familienakademie Mühlviertel
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Gewerbestrasse 7
4222 St. Georgen/Gusen

Further information can be found in the following PDF Info:


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