Literacy– Fluency as an European civil liberty
Theater as a method to do something with enthusiasm

Saturday, July 12th till Saturday, July 19th 2014

Mühl-fun-viertel in Klaffer am Hochficht in the Upper Austria, the corner of Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, www.muehlfunviertel.at

Target group:
Trainers and volunteers currently working in the field of adult literacy education and those who fight against adult illiteracy.

Contents / Programme:

Theater is the red ribbon through this week. We will learn, practice the method of theater to make sensible the topic of analphabetism (illiteracy) among adults the work with them. We’d like to present methods in the work with illiterate people. We will show the theater on a public place in Linz (the capital of the Upper Austria) at the end of the workshop.

We will get also some inputs with extern trainers:

- Family Literacy: What is it and how can you work with parents who are considered with analphabetism

- Working with illiterate people in a rural region, a project of the region will be shown.

- Young adults after basic qualification, what are the problems?

We will spend time in the wonderful nature around the lake and we will use nature working outside.
There will also be excursions to the next cities (for example, Linz, Passau or Krumau).

Leader of the workshop:
Wolfgang Rohm: Professional Theater Teacher, Sociologist, Management Consultant in the Upper Austria

Family Academy Mühlviertel (Familienakademie Mühlviertel):

We are an organisation of adult education and we work in special with young adults and parents, also with mulitiplicators of adult education and youth work. We work in this topic, because we want to support and give a boost to the people´s confidence and want to do something against analphabetism.

The aims of the workshop:

We’d like to talk, discuss and learn methods for people who are working with adult people in analphebetism in the questions of reading, writing. It will give support, new methods, new ideas for the practical work.


30 Euro registration fee

The other costs of travelling, accommodation, programme are covered by the EU Project.

Take the chance and take part in this workshop.

Information and Registration:

Iana Gstoettenmayr
Familienakademie Mühlviertel
Gewerbestr. 7
St.Georgen/Gusen, AUSTRIA

Tel. 0043 / 07237/2465 /23


Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel / Familienakademie Mühlviertel
Gewerbestraße 7, 4222 St. Georgen/Gusen
Tel.: 07237/2465