ERASMUS+: Human Rights Education: Competences and Materials for Training Staff Working With Socially Disadvantaged People

Veröffentlicht am: 25.06.2021

Erasmus+ is a project for socially disadvantaged people to get low-threshold access to new and creative learning opportunities in the field of cultural heritage. The purpose of this international project is producing two „Itineraries of Human Rights“: one in the „Bewusstseinsregion – Gusen – St. Georgen – Mauthausen“(Austria) and the other in the city of Empoli (Italy). 
The global aims are: 
• learning from history and shape perspectives for a future society;
• offering education opportunities and possibilities of social and political participation to socially disadvantaged persons.
The core activity of the project is conceiving and establishing stations of Human Rights (placed in sites of historical events put into relationship to an article of the Declaration of Human Rights) and developing a curriculum and learning materials in open source, that will enable the educators to create sustainable studying techniques on these topics. The examples will be tested in Blended Mobilities with the target group. Multiplier Events will spread the project ideas and results. 
The six partner organizations from Austria, Italy and Czech Republic will come together in three international network meetings. They jointly will elaborate learning methods that allow access to education in general, and specifically to the values of the European Union and human rights. Moreover, the methods and activities should foster language, intercultural and critical thinking skills. 
Active exchanges, discussions and international meetings will unify the forces of the single partners, always pursuing the objective to facilitate socially disadvantaged people to be an active part of society. This is a fundamental condition for true democracy.

Start: September 2020, duration 34 months

Coordination Organisation:
Austria: Gemeindeverband Bewusstseinsregion Mauthausen – Gusen – St.Georgen:

Regional public body:
Italy: Comune di Empoli:

Organisations of adult education: 
Austria: Kommunale Bildung und Integration St.Georgen/Gusen 
Austria: Familienakademie Mühlviertel:

Czech Republic: KreBul, o.p.s.:

Italy: ANED Associazione Nazionale Ex Deportati nei campi nazisti:

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